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Waterproofing Systems

Acrylic Waterproofing System

Through our acrylic waterproofing system, we can waterproof your roof permanently, whether it is a new or existing one. We also handle roofs with complicated flashings as well as those with low slopes.

Torch On Membrane Waterproofing System

This particular system is best for those who are seeking to protect flat roofs, decks, balconies and more. Not only will you have a highly water-resistant system protecting various surfaces, but you will also be using a system that is environment-friendly.

5 Layer Acrylic System

We are offering a 5-layer latex based system to protect playing surfaces from varying changes in weather. This system will restore the texture of any surface and even establish a vibrant and pleasant color to it. This system is typically applied on top of an asphalt flooring system.

Acrylic Wall Coating System

Acrylic wall coating system is great for wall surfaces. This system offers superior waterproofing protection to a structure's walls as well as adding aesthetic effects to them.

New Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing System

This waterproofing system makes use of cementitious products that are easy to mix and easy to apply to various surfaces. These products can easily be obtained and provide durable surface coating. This system is most compatible with concrete substrates.

Crystal Flooring System

The Crystal Flooring System provides aesthetics coupled with functionality. This system provides a modern look to the surface without harming the environment or hurting your budget due to its low maintenance cost. At the same time, it is also durable and has high resistance to various elements.

PU Grouting System

The PU (polyurethane) grouting system is designed for stopping water leaks. With this system, polyurethane is injected into cracks or voids within concrete walls or floors as well as pipes. The mixture of water and polyurethane creates a foam that is impenetrable by water.

New PU Sealant Waterproofing System

This system is used to create a waterproof seal to most applications. This seal is durable and is resistant to ultraviolet rays, chemicals, and other elements common in a tropical climate.

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